Champion Commuter

Chandan Bhuta - WA St DSHS - DCS

Chandan is a Senior Office Assistant for the Division of Child Support. She’s been using commute options for the last 22 years. Chandan is primarily a bus rider but will occasionally carpool with a co-worker and telework when office needs allow.

Chandan participates and believes in the commute smart program as it not only allows her a relaxing way to get to work, but it also helps the environment and allows her to meet a lot of great people.

Chandan doesn’t feel she has a lot of challenges to overcome by riding the bus. She has a 3 block walk to get to her bus stop which takes her downtown to the plaza and from there she jumps on a second bus to get her to work. Although riding the bus adds additional hours to her workday, she enjoys a stress-free commute, not being stuck in the traffic chaos, and the extra time personal time she has on the bus.

ETC, Beth Morton states, “Chandan actively promotes our CTR program, telling all new employees the benefits of the commute smart program, helping them log in to complete their calendar and sharing with staff all the benefits of the program. She completes her calendar every month and literally uses a commute alternative every single day she works”.

Since logging her trips in 2010, Chandan has saved over 41,000 miles from our Spokane County roads!

Congratulations Chandan!