Champion Commuter

Carrie Brunsvold - Washington Trust Bank

Carrie is a Wire Agent at Washington Trust Bank in downtown Spokane. Her husband encouraged Carrie to begin riding her bike to work in 2005. With only a 2-mile commute, it’s a pretty easy ride into work, but it’s climbing the south hill on her way back home that can be a challenge. Her husband, is also her bike mechanic and keeps their bikes in tip top condition. They have several bikes and studded snow tires so they cycle throughout the year. If the winter conditions are too bad for riding her bike, Carrie will walk to work.

One wintery day, Carrie drove to work, and her husband cycled. He actually beat her home that night. A good reminder that cycling to work is just as fast, if not faster than driving, and less stressful!

Carrie enjoys the savings her and her husband get by riding their bikes to work, as well as the physical benefits. It’s also a great way to begin the day, arriving at work feeling refreshed and the ability to decompress after a long day at work.

Her husband worked in the downtown area, until recently. However, he still rides with her each day to make sure she gets to work safely and meets her after work to ride home together. Quite the dedicated bike buddy!

Her ETC, Rebekah Buettner, says “Carrie fills out her monthly calendar and doesn’t let obstacles like weather or traffic stop her. She’s truly a Champion Commuter!”