Champion Commuter

Cara Sasser - City of Spokane Water Department

Cara is the Office Manager for the City of Spokane, Water Department. She began carpooling with her husband 14 years ago. She also works a 9/80 compressed work schedule and loves having a 3-day weekend twice a month.

With a 26 mile round-trip commute, Cara and her husband enjoy how much they save by carpooling, not only on gas, but the wear and tear on their cars as well.

Cara doesn’t feel they have any challenges by carpooling. It’s just their lifestyle and they make it work! Cara says, “My hubby and I don’t just love each other, we also like each other. We enjoy spending time together, so the more time we can, the better!” They both enjoy reading, so they listen to audio books during their commute. On occasion, if they need to drive separately, they have separate audio books to listen to. Neither of them can listen to the book without the other!

Even though Cara and her husband don’t work the same schedule, they make it work. She adjusted her work schedule to start earlier in the morning. He gets off about an hour earlier than her, so he either stays at work a bit extra or comes in and visits with the ladies in Cara’s office. They enjoy visiting with him!

ETC, Karrie Diana, states “Cara is a vocal advocate of carpooling. She’s not only one of the worksite’s most consistent commuters, but she is also my direct supervisor and very supportive of me as ETC by allowing me whatever time I need to promote CTR.”