Champion Commuter

Brian Thomas - CHAS

Brian is a Business Analyst for CHAS (Community Health Assoc of Spokane). He’s about as multi-modal as you can get. He rides his bike nearly every day, carpools with his wife when he can’t, takes the bus occasionally and also works from home!

Brian owns an e-bike that can also accommodate his 2 children, ages 6 & 4. Brian only lives about 3 miles from work, however, he takes one child to school and the other to daycare, leaving him with about a 10-mile trip into work.

There are so many reasons Brian enjoys riding his bike! He enjoys the time with his kiddos during the morning and afternoon commutes. The one-on-one conversations he has with his kids is something he truly enjoys! They get to take in the scenery and see things they’d never see riding in a car. Brian and his family also ride the bus to get downtown. The kids love the adventure.

With his dedication to the use of commute options, Brian and his wife were able to get rid of their second car, which is saving them thousands of dollars each year!

Brian doesn’t feel he has any challenges to overcome by bicycling. In the winter, when the roads are bad, he doesn’t ride with the kids. Safety first!

Brian encourages other parents to consider bicycling. He feels it’s very enriching and rewarding, all while saving money and time. It’s very doable, he says!!!

Recently, Brian joined the CTR Committee at CHAS. Brian loves knowing that he is making Spokane a better place. ETC, Shannan Artis, states “Brian loves riding his bike to work and shows up each day with a smile on his face.

Congratulations Brian!