Champion ETC

Angie Swan - Eastern WA US Probation

Angie Swan is the HR Specialist for Eastern WA US Probation, located in downtown Spokane and markets her program to 26 employees.

Angie reached out to our office in January of 2022 wanting to become a voluntary worksite within the CTR program. Knowing that both the worksite and the employees can benefit from a CTR program.

Angie’s been involved with CTR at some level for the last 11 years, although she’s only been with US Probation the last 5 years. Previously she was the ETC for PAML and involved in the program at Gonzaga University. Angie describes herself and an Eco-Conscious individual and is just happy to be able to participate again!

Although they have no official budget for CTR, her agency does offer fully subsidized bus passes to their employees, which prior to COVID, many employees took advantage of that benefit. After COVID most employees are working a hybrid schedule, teleworking a few days, and coming into the office a couple days. They’re also able to work a compressed work schedule. Angie herself is able to telework 3 days per week and enjoys the time savings of having to commute from the Spokane Valley into downtown.

Angie’s proudest moment has been seeing her program grow so much in the last year. She enjoys getting her employees to participate in their program. Currently they have about 90% of their employees participating in their CTR program.

Her words of wisdom to other ETCs, “let the rumor mill fly”. When employees talk about winning a gift card, it stirs up interest with other employees and can increase participants in your program.

Congratulations Angie!