All Star Coach

Angie Napolitano - City of Spokane, Public Safety

Angie works for the City of Spokane in the Public Safety Building and is the assistant to the Chief of Police. She took over the program in October 2017, with no formal training from the previous ETC… just acquired the infamous “box of CTR stuff”.

Angie markets her program to nearly 600 City of Spokane employees. The City offers free bus passes, a guaranteed ride home program and compressed work schedules to their employees.

In the last year, the City of Spokane’s 5 different sites started up a CTR committee. It allows them to encourage each other in promoting their CTR programs. They were visible at last year’s Health Fair and were able to promote the benefits of their CTR program to all City employees in attendance.

Angie’s been a long time commute alternative user. While living out in Colbert several years ago, she would park at the Hastings park & ride lot and ride the bus into downtown. Recently, her and her husband moved to the NW part of town, which allowed them to begin carpooling together. Their schedules were a little off, so Angie would get to work earlier than her normal scheduled time and have to stay a bit later to make carpooling work. So, Angie approached her boss about working 4/10s, to which he agreed! So, now she carpools and has every Friday off!

They’re saving a lot of gas, wear & tear and miles on their vehicle, and they get more time to talk about their day on the way home from work and sometimes stop for a bite to eat!

Being the ETC allows Angie to get to know more employees and help them find a commute alternative that works best for them. She says those employees were her inspiration to reduce her own commuting!

Her words of wisdom to other ETCs are, “If you’re not already reducing your own commute, you should try to do better with your own commute alternatives. It’s easier to promote something when you’re a believer in it”.