Tips for Selecting and Nominating

Select individual employees to nominate based on their demonstrated commitment to using commute options, their enthusiasm and willingness to encourage fellow employees to use a commute option, and their extra efforts to overcome obstacles which could prevent their use of commute options.

Nominate only outstanding individual employees who use the current mode category as their dominate mode (must be over half the commute). For example, if the category is bus rider, do not nominate an employee who carpools over half of their commute trip to meet the bus (this is a carpooler!).

Nominate only individuals for each mode. For example, nominate one employee for the "carpooler" category (not all carpool partners) as the recognition program is focused on individual Champion Commuters.

Nominees don't have to be life-long users of commute options. Individuals who have recently made the commitment to use commute options are also excellent candidates for a Champion Commuter award.

Nominees should be aware of their nomination for a Champion Commuter award and agree to the public recognition which would result if selected (story and photo on, poster with photo).

Get your Commute Smart Committee and/or management involved in selecting potential Champioin Commuter candidates, to increase their ownership and support of the program.

Allow ample time to complete the nomination forms and include input from the individual(s) you are nominating, to convey a true reflection of their commitment and participation in commute options in your written nomination.

Completed nomination forms should address each of the five specific questions on the Champion Commuter form.

Nominations must be submitted on time because all Champion Commuter nominations are forwarded to the CommuteSmartNW Recognition Committee for their review and scoring, on the next business day.

CSC Awards Nomination Forms - Deadline Dec. 15th

  • Pinnacle Award Form
    Nominate your worksite today! The coveted Pinnacle Award is awarded to a worksite for their outstanding commitment to commute options including ETC commitment and participation, management support, and a firm understanding of the true benefits of trip reduction activities -- cleaner air, healthier employees, reduced traffic and an overall enhancement of the quality of life in Spokane County.
  • Champion Team Award Form
    Nominate your Team Today! The Champion Team Award is designed to honor an outstanding worksite CTR Committee. Many employers have formed committees to assist the worksite ETC in promoting commute options and communicating with employees. Active CTR committees are invaluable at worksites and often come up with fun and creative ideas for promoting commute options.
  • Champion Business Leader
    Nominate your Business Leader Today! The Champion Business Leader Award is given to an individual in management who demonstrates support and leadership for the ETC to successfully implement and promote trip reduction efforts at the worksite. The business leader must be a decision maker for the worksite’s Commute Smart program and have the ability to provide resources to the ETC including time to promote the program, budget to promote and encourage participation, enthusiasm, commitment, etc. Up to four Champion Business Leaders will be recognized for 2023. (Bonus point available for nominating a Business Leader)


Tools for Nominating