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Hello ETC’s, it’s time for the 2017 Spokane County CTR Worksite Employee Survey.  As we go into this year’s survey it’s important to remember why we survey and how important it is;
                This survey process is part of the CTR Law that was enacted in 1991 to help combat the serious issues of air pollution, traffic congestion and energy consumption within Spokane County. These are all important issues that affect the quality of life for everyone within the county and must be constantly dealt with as we continue into the 21st century.
                Your voice and the voice of your fellow employees count and help make a difference, but we can’t do anything unless you speak up. The survey is conducted anonymously, giving those taking the survey the chance to give information on their transportation habits and needs in a non-intimidating environment.
                This is also the best way of collecting unbiased survey data that gives us a clear picture of your worksite and allows us to develop sensible decisions based on the analyzed results. The information gathered also helps us report back to the state and allows us to apply for grants. We use these grants to help fund our CTR program.

 Helpful Tips and Tricks:

 Preparing for you survey

  • Talk with your highest ranking official to determine the best time to send a memo/email from him/her to employees regarding the survey process (sample message included in toolkit). 
  • Hang your posters in high traffic areas such as lunch rooms, water fountains, restrooms or supply areas, and make sure to hang them at eye level; people don’t tend see what they have to search for.
  • Send email message reminders/memos regarding the importance of taking the CTR survey, using the survey calendar provided can be very beneficial in establishing a timeline. 

When handing/sending out your surveys

  • Tell employees that their voice counts and that we really do want to hear from them!
  • Let your employees know that the survey is 100% anonymous and a great way to help make a difference at their worksite.
  • Be sure to create some sort of tracking system, so you know who you’ve given a survey to and who you haven’t. It will come in handy when collecting surveys as well.
  • Don’t forget to send out your email reminders/memos encouraging them to fill out their survey and returning it completed.

When collecting surveys

  • Remember that it’s imperative to achieve a high response rate! Anything less than 70% is filled in with drive alone!
  • Make sure to send out email reminders/memos to employees reminding them about turning in their completed survey!
  • Don’t forget! Sometimes it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!
    • During one ETC’s survey process she asked certain employees about their surveys on a daily bases with the promise that if they returned their completed survey, should would leave them alone. So they did!
  • Be sure to use your tracking system to help you remember who and who hasn’t returned their completed surveys.
  • Send out email reminders/memos thanking employees for their time and support.
2017 Survey Toolkit
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