Benefits to using commute alternatives

Are you tired of driving alone to work every day but not sure if the alternatives are any better? The truth is using an alternate commute mode such as riding the bus or carpooling to work has numerous benefits that go beyond just your daily drive.

The community benefits with fewer cars on the road and less congestion. The environment benefits with less automobile exhaust and greenhouse gases.

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll see when you switch to an alternative commute mode:

  • Reduce stress and arrive at work feeling more relaxed
  • Cut your commuting costs by 50% or more
  • Reduce wear and tear on your automobile, and possibly get discounts on your auto insurance by leaving your car at home
  • Enjoy the scenery, read the newspaper or listen to your favorite music (or even catch a few Zs!) while someone else drives
  • Reduce the amount of pollutants you put in the air - even ridesharing just once a week can reduce the amount of carbon monoxide released into the air by 20%
  • Fewer vehicles on the road means less congested roadways
  • Meet new & interesting people by joining a carpool, vanpool or riding the bus
  • Get in your daily exercise by jogging, walking or bicycling to work