Air Quality

The Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency's job is to ensure that people have clean air to breathe. They do this by encouraging individuals to make clean air choices and by enforcing federal, state and local air quality laws.

When they began work in 1969, businesses and industries were the primary focus for air pollution control. Over the years, new equipment and improved operations have dramatically reduced air pollution from the commercial sector. After decades-long efforts to improve air quality, we are now officially in attainment of all federal, health-based air pollution standards.

Today, most of the air pollution comes from our everyday activities. Over half comes from our vehicles, with indoor and outdoor burning and gasoline-powered yard and recreational equipment adding to the problem.

Spokane Clean Air teams up with community partners, such as the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Office to help reduce air pollution in Spokane County. With the CTR partnership, the Clean Air Agency is able to further educate the citizenry about clean air actions people can take - from commute alternatives, such as walking, busing or carpooling to work, to car care, from yard care tools, to cleaner household products. There's a variety of clean air actions people can take. These, individual actions, when combined add up to cleaner air.

Spokane Clean Air mission: "Preserve, enhance and protect the quality of Spokane County's air resource for current and future generations."


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