Pinnacle Award Questionnaire

Worksite Name:
ETC Name:
1. Describe the amount of involvement and/or support for CTR by supervisors and managers at your worksite. (i.e., use of commute alternatives, provide resources for CTR, encourage employee involvement, etc.)
2. What do you feel has been successful about your CTR program in the past year? Why?
3. Describe the challenges to the CTR Program at your worksite.
4. Do you, as ETC, walk your talk? What mode? How often?
5. What campaigns and/or special events did your worksite promote in the past year? i.e., regional campaigns, worksite events, employee contests, prize drawings, etc.)
6. What is the best part of your CTR program?
7. As ETC, what is your most memorable moment over the past year?
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Way to Go Nomination Forms

Most Valuable Commuter (MVC)

ETCs can nominate up to three MVCs each quarter, each one being a different mode and you select the modes. i.e. you can select a carpooler, bus rider and teleworker or vanpooler, bicyclist and bus rider, you can't duplicate any mode in one quarter.

Click here for MVC Nomination Form (Please use same form for up to 3 nominations)

All Star Coach

ETCs tell us what you have been doing over the last 3 months to promote and encourage participation in your CTR program. Information will be used to help select the All Star Coach.

Click here for All Star Coach Form

All Star Executive

Please explain how your Executive provides support for your CTR program and why he/she should be recognized for the All Star Executive Award. All nominations will be reviewed by Spokane County's Way to Go Awards committee and the CTR Office. If selected, your Executive will be recognized at a networking lunch, be included on the Way to Go quarterly posters, their story and photo posted on as well as an ad in the Journal of Business.

Click here for All Star Executive Nomination Form

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